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School, Sex and More: FREE Teen Strees Management Forum October 31, 2009

Did you know that STRESS is a leading cause of many physical, emotional, and environmental conditions? In an effort to escape and/or deal with stress, teens often opt for high-risk behavior such as drinking alcohol, drug usage, violence, overeating/poor nutrition, decreased physical activity, and unprotected sex. This behavior not only negatively impacts the health and life of teens and their families, but also the community.

The forum will be an all day (8:30a.m.-4:00p.m.) edutaining experience; a play, movie, music, and spoken word with sessions on topics such as School and peer pressures, Self Esteem, Dating, Dating Violence, Rape Prevention, Sex, STDs, Teen Pregnancy, Family Dynamics, and Anger Management. Health Educators, Law Enforcement officials, and others will present information on the above topics.

Come Join Enchanted Closet, Inc. for there School, Sex and More: FREE Teen Stress Management Forum. Black Positive Image will be a featured speaker at the forum.

If you have a teen or know of any teens (boys and girls) between the ages 13 - 19 sign them up, it's free and registration is easy. Go to www.enchantedcloset.weebly.com. and register NOW, space is limited.

Let's Ignite A Change,

Brittney Greene
Founder of Black Positive Image

"Be the change you want to be in the community" - Ghandi revised by Black Positive Image

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