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Life After A Plea Bargain: American Violet Movie Reaction

After a supporter of Black Positive Image watched American Violet, we received this Movie Reaction expressing their opinion and beliefs of the movie. We want to let others showcase their voice and concern for things happening in our community. Not all the opinions and views you see in the Reactions section on Black Positive Image you will agree with or understand, but apart of our mission is to give a voice to people often not heard. Enjoy, leave your comments below.

Dear Mr./Mrs. District Attorney,

Inside the court house, the District Attorney's are wiping the Judges' ass and they all shitting on the poor and disenfranchised. Offering plea bargains like a man at a park giving candy to little girls, rapist. Raping the poor, mostly black neighborhoods and people, of the little rights you have offered through your kind and generous "welfare" program.

What the hell is life after a plea bargain? What the hell is life as a convicted felon? Not much of a life at all. 90% of criminals are coping plea bargains and sent back into the world as felons. No jobs, no support, no housing, no food, unable to obtain education, unable to vote and you wonder why people are mad. You would be mad to if you had no income, no roof over your head, no ability to learn new things, the inability to speak your mind and tell your story, all while your stomach growls louder than the police sirens in our neighborhoods.

Just left hurt. Pain eroding so deep you don't know what to do. We need pain relief! So of course the backwards government supports us by dropping narcotics into our neighborhoods. The government knows narcotics are a great reliever for pain. Is it a coincidence, that "pain relief" drugs run so fluid through our communities. The government gets us addicted, label the behavior deviant, enforce laws on the deviant behavior, arrest us, and there you are, trying to cop a plea.

The court systems, the government, the police, the hospitals, all the pawn players, the whole fucking system has us going in circles. The system hand keeps turning and spinning us in circles, over and over again. That would make you dizzy and mad as hell. Might make you want to slap the shit out of someone who steps on your hard earned shoes, shoot your father for calling your stupid for 23 years, or kill your boyfriend for beating you one last time. Now we are back in jail, and there you are, your ass all in our face, trying to cop a plea.

Life after a plea ain't no life at all and the minute you offer the "deal", you write us a death sentence. You are a grim reaper, a walking contradiction of what education and justice really mean. I won't mention what you are doing to our kids, passing them over to your family lawyer friends.

I don't know how you sleep at night knowing you kill hundreds a people a year, but I I know one thing you will not kill me. I will bleed on these pages before I cop a plea. Your system has held to many people down, far to long. Killed many of my people harmlessly, trying to eradicate us in every way possible. So lock me up and throw away the key because life without a plea don't mean shit to me and I know it's going to kill you knowing that one of us died of natural causes.


Lock Me The Fuck Up

*DISCLAIMER: All of the opinions and comments stated by the writer are not the direct opinions of Black Positive Image*

1 comment:

  1. Hi there,

    If we look at the result of the case on her life, we will see that she remained uneducated, remained poor, remained chronically outplaced in the unemployment system, remained an unmarried single mother... yet SOME black women see this film as a story of a woman's triumph?

    Not hardly.

    A "Pyrrhic Victory" at best!

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!