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Martin Luther King Day Challenge: 2010 I Have A Dream Speech

On August 28, 1963, almost 47 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and with a passionate soul spoke words of racial equality. Originally said to be titled, "Normalcy, Never Again", Dr. King's "I Have A Dream Speech" is historic. A monumental point in the Civil Rights Movement, this speech has changed the lives of people born long after the words echoed throughout Washington.

Every year during this time, Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday (January 15) and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (third Monday of January), I hear people discuss what if Martin was alive today. What would he say about the State of America?, some even go further to probe what would he say about the State of Black America?

It is important to note that although Dr. King he was apart of a Civil Rights Movement that focused on racial equality, he fought for human rights. His "I Have A Dream Speech" proved just how vast his approach was for everyone, including Blacks, to have the rights "promised" to us.

So with the thought of what if Dr. King was alive today and if he was going to give an updated "I Have A Dream Speech" in 2010 what would he say? I am challenging all, to write your 2010 I Have A Dream Speech and share it with Black Positive Image. The only rule is to DREAM BIG!!!*

Deadline: Monday January 18, 2010

Let's Ignite A Change,

Black Positive Image

P.S. If interested I will post your "I Have A Dream Speech" on blackpositiveimage.com, just e-mail me your speech before 12:00 p.m. on Monday January 18, 2010.

*There is no word count or subject matter, but please keep in mind Dr. Martin Luther King's dream and vision when writing.

The Strength of Haiti

By now all of our hearts and souls have been displaced by the earthquake in Haiti. In devastating times like these, we must all band together in spirit to help this nation heal. It is also during these times that we must not forget the STRENGTH of this nation!!!

Haiti was the first independent nation in Latin America, the first post-colonial independent black-led nation in the world, and the only nation whose independence was gained as part of a successful slave rebellion. (Wikipedia).

Haiti has been fighting for a long time and has proven their strength. NOW, it is time for us to fight for them!!!

We must pray for the people, we must pray for the land. If we are able to donate, we must find ways to give. We must stand up and fight or kneel and fight. We must give this over to Jah.

Keep Haiti grounded in your prayers and rooted in your spirits for the nation will teach you strength.

Haiti we hear your call, we will be strong for you.

Peace, Love, and Blessings

2010: Take Your Place

January is the time of year when we all begin to make projective promises about what we plan on doing. Weather you call them resolutions, goals, or numbers added to your bucket list we all partake in this projective process, every year. Every year you promise yourself, that this one will be different. As we trot into the New Year everyone stands on their high-horse shouting, "This is my year", but is it?

What makes this year so different from the last? What happened over night on December 31 to January 1 that made everything so different? In your drunken slumber did you finally realize your potential?

The explanation is simple, on the eve of the New Year belief, faith and hope are at there highest. As the night turns into morning, something is renewed in our spirit to believe again. The broken hearted believe in love, the jobless believe in the economy, and the sinners turn over a new leaf, but how long does this last?

Often times as the first flower blooms many of us have misplaced our beliefs. We no longer have faith in the New Year or hope that it will be any better than the last. As our goals and projections don’t manifest quickly enough, we forget about all that we once promised to ourselves. We simply forget and since most of us don’t write it down, it’s easy to un-think a task you were never held accountable for.

Whose suppose to hold us accountable, if we are too weak in ourselves to finish the tasks we set for ourselves? Many of us don’t have a community to hold us accountable. We don’t trust or respect each other enough to allow someone else to challenge us in our goals. So who can help you? If you allow me to, I can.

I stand before you simply to say, take your place. Wherever you want to be, take your place. Align yourself with opportunities that will award you a spot in your destiny. If you don’t believe that you have a purpose, reach out to others to help you find it, I’m here. There are plenty of people within arms reach willing and waiting to help you, I’m waiting. There are movements ready to lend you a helping hand, we’re here. Join us, take your place.

I don’t want to be another person encouraging you to be your best in January and by April lack faith in your abilities as you may not have accomplished your goals, but I am not that person. I am here to aid you, to guide you in all the possible ways that I can to make you a better person for our community as a whole. I am commited to you. I pledge to hold you accountable, for anything that you want me to in order for you to reach your goals.

Let's Ignite Change,

Black Positive Image

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