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Beautiful Black Men: Black Men Mondays

Beautiful Black Men
(with compliments and apologies to all not mentioned by name)

by Nikki Giovanni

i wanta say just gotta say something
bout those beautiful beautiful beautiful outasight
black men
with they afros
walking down the street
is the same ol danger
but a brand new pleasure

sitting on stoops, in bars, going to offices
running numbers, watching for their whores
preaching in churches, driving their hogs
walking their dogs, winking at me
in their fire red, lime green, burnt orange
royal blue tight tight pants that hug
what i like to hug

jerry butler, wilson pickett, the impressions
temptations, mighty mighty sly
don't have to do anything but walk
on stage
and i scream and stamp and shout
see new breed men in breed alls
dashiki suits with shirts that match
the lining that compliments the ties
that smile at the sandals
where dirty toes peek at me
and i scream and stamp and shout
for more beautiful beautiful beautiful
black men with outasight afros

Black Positve Event Alert


November 20, 2010

9th Anniversary: International Black Man Film Festival

Join me this Saturday in celebration of the International Black Man Film Festival. Through spoken work, speeches and movies, you can explore the trials and triumphs of Black men worldwide. Be apart of the dialogue, come out and support this wonderful event!!!

Where: Auburn Avenue Research Library, 101 Auburn Avenue NE Atlanta GA 30303-2503

When: 12:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

View the schedule for the festival at: http://www.blackmanfilmfest.net/film%20schedule%202010.html

For more information please contact the Festival Director, Yemi Toure at 404-432-2194 or via e-mail at info@blackmanfilmfest.net

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