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"Is Education The Shared Civil Rights Issue of Our Time?"

If you care about the students you will be here!!!

During the event we will view a synopsis of the highly acclaimed documentary "Waiting For Superman", followed by a discussion about education led by Mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson, founder and CEO of StudentsFirst, Michelle Rhee, Civil Rights leader, Lonnie King and other prominent figures.

Date: Thursday April 14, 2011
Time: 6:30 p.m.
("The latest you should be is ON TIME.")

Location: Sisters Chapel on Spelman College (350 Spelman Ln. SW, Atlanta, GA 30314)


Reserve and print your ticket at: http://studentsfirstga.eventbrite.com/

For More Information Visit: Studentsfirst.org

Connect with StudentsFirstGA via twitter: @StudentsFirstGA

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The People Could Fly: Home Library Campaign

The latest addition to the Home Library Campaign Directory (341 books to date) is a favorite of mine. The People Can Fly: American Black Folktales told by Virginia Hamilton is an essential book for all households to have. You don't hear much about Black Folktales and most fairy tales and Disney movies are portrayed with various other ethnic groups. The spoken language has been a key factor in the history of our ancestors and this book continues the legacy that we have stories and they must be shared. The cover was always captivating to me as a child and I always loved the stories, rich with passion and history as it chronicled the triumphs in our legacy. It is with great pleasure to add this book to our directory and some day soon we will give this gift to a family so they can begin to love this book as much as I have.

If you would like to donate to the Home Library Campaign to ensure other great books such as this one are bought for the campaign you can do so through paypal. Send your donation to blackpositiveimage@gmail.com. All amounts are appreciated. 25 cents can buy a book and change a life.

If you are not familiar with the Home Library Campaign you can read more regarding this campaign at the following link: http://www.blackpositiveimage.com/p/home-library-campaign.html.