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Safe to Dream: Dedicated to Aiyana Jones

We live in a place where it isn't safe to dream
She was asleep in her home, safe; or so it would seem
A child, innocent, oblivious to the madness around her
Her dreams stripped away in what the police call a blur

Dreams deferred by bullets and home invasion
Their story and the other story, doesn't add to an equal equation
Answers fall on death ears and there is no one to blame
Cop is licensed killer with paycheck, it's shame

Our children's life stolen, but not in the usual institutionalized way
The light escaped her eyes before she could see the light of day
Now our kids go to sleep afraid to dream
She was asleep in her home, safe; or so it would seem

Atlanta: Positive Event Alert

Conversations on Afrikan Spirit

Every Wednesday in the month of May the Center for Afrikan Biblical Studies and the First Afrikan Church present: Conversations on Afrikan Spirit.

May 5th: The Afrikan Is...
May 12th: The Afrikan Family Is Insightful
May 19th: The Afrikan Family is Informed
May 26th: The Afrikan Family is Inspiring

Free Admission to All Events!!!

Come out and enjoy the conversation.

Events begin at 7:00 p.m. Every Wednesday.

First Afrikan Church
5197 Salem Road
Lithonia, GA

For more information you can contact the First Afrikan Church at fapc@firstafrikanchurch.org or call 770-981-2601.

Black Positive Image, Inc. is not in conjunction with the First Afrikan Church. This event is presented to you as something we feel will benefit the community and wanted to share with anyone who would be interested. We support all positive events in the community and want to show our support for the First Afrikan Church and this event. We look forward to seeing you there.