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Positive Poem: I'm Glad I'm Me

Here's a simple poem for today's positive poem. Taken from a child's poetry book, I found this poem to be short and quick for positive reinforcement for anyone at any age. Read it out loud, read it with a child, enjoy being you, I know I surely do!!! :-)

I'm Glad I'm Me
by Jack Prelutsky

I'm glad I'm me, I'm glad I'm me
There's no one else I want to be.
I'm happy I'm the person who
Can do the things that I can do.

If I were someone else, then I
Would feel so strange, I'd wonder why.
I'm positive that I'd be sad-
But I am me and I am glad.


  1. love this ~ kate lynn email kate200756@att.net

  2. I remember this poem from second grade! I love it!