"Take responsibility for the image you want to see."

404-507-2746 ♦ info@blackpositiveimage.com ♦ P.O. Box 15356 Atlanta, GA 30333

SISTER SESSIONS: FREE Community Character Development Program




WHO: Open to Queens age 12 – 19 (Grades 6 – 12; First Year in College)*Age limit flexible

WHEN: The program begins Saturday, June 11, 1011 and concludes on Saturday August 27, 2011. We meet every other Saturday from 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Knight Tyme Venue, Downtown Decatur

WHY: Providing a safe and comfortable place for girls to discuss any issues and provide positive feedback and understanding to the things that are important to them. Providing an outlet for girl's voices to be heard through the medium of art and business.

To Register Or For More Information Contact: 404-507-2746 or e-mail: blackpositiveimage@gmail.com.

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